• December 4, 2024, Gold Hill, Oregon
  • Israel
  • November 7, 2023, Gold Hill, Oregon
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Robert Lindauer, am Running for president.

    I want to preserve our
  • freedoms
  • environment
  • families
  • lands
  • water
  • way of life
  • so that our children and children's children can enjoy the blessings of liberty we received from our parents.

    I invite you to drop me a line at rlindauer@gmail.com with any comments and suggestions, this site is obviously under construction.

    Especially if you'd like to HELP!!! While I don't necessarily think I need to be president, I do think that like Mr. Sanders did in the previous election, I can bring the focus of the two parties onto the most threatening issue of our modern era - CyberWarfare.

    With CyberCrime exceeding us $18B/year, CyberTerrorism occuring at an alarming rate, the attack on Democracy itself is overwhelming and without revising our national security strategy on the matter immediately, we will lose control of our own ability to control our country.

    No other candidate is qualified to deal with this problem and it's an infestation that must be dealt with.

    Secondly, I am an independent - I am not a Democrat or Republican and with Good Reason.

    I believe that neither party has truly had the best interest of American Common People in mind for generations, this is why our water and air is poisoned, why the rich get richer and the poor more numerous, why families have to work twice as much to support themselves and why our people have gone from a strong people who made for themselves the things we needed to a weak people who has to buy whatever China will sell us.

    I want America to be Strong Again. I know you do too.

    Let's Make America Strong Again.