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So, you want to hear my story huh?

100% true, so ... enjoy.

I was born in a haunted hospital in Cali, (just not -that- haunted hospital, the one I was born in burned down and is forgotten or something, the burbank one.)

When I was growing up my parents moved around a lot, no not military. My father is a musician, as was my mother, God bless both of them.

I spent a significant amount of time in Kansas where I was raised in the Baptist church at the time, you know, like Superman ;), I'm not from there but I landed there.

I don't consider myself a Baptist but there is no denying that Jesus is the Christ!, and that is Good News!.

I studied philosophy in College as well as music recording. That's why I do what I do, it's what I can.

I started in Psychology but being too lazy to get up for that 8 a.m. monday class, philosophy took over. It's not easier. I admit as people go I am a bit lazy. Well, not lazy so much as just suffering from Analysis Paralysis a variety of anxiety which I am working on using Faith and DBT.

I am 75% Ashkenazi Jew by birth, circumsized on the 8th day according to the Torah at Temple Beth David, I'm a blood relative of one of Bob Zimmerman's wives. That said, not being a Religious Jew my own people (including the Jews for Jesus) reject me for various reasons. My family because they were not believers in God (and honestly familial jealousy) and others because I believe in Eternal Security which for some reasons many Jews for Jesus Reject.

I grew up -mostly- in the San Gabriel Valley, Sierra Madre and Monrovia are my happy hunting grounds as it were. I spent a lot of time in Pasadena, Arcadia, etc. I went to a Catholic boys school, but I'm not Catholic (anti-denominational believer that Jesus is the Messiah if you really wanna know). My mother is 100% ashkenazi, my father 1/4 ashkenazi, I'll let you all guess what the rest is, here's a hint, I can almost certainly outdrink you although I've stopped drinking/smoking all that. I love myself too much to hurt myself that way now, but I admit this took me most of my life to figure out.

When I was a child, I had 3rd degree burns over 3/4 of my body, i came away with kind of a weird freckle-scar on my arm which looks suprisingly like the birth mark on my other arm. I spent 6 months as "the bubble boy".

I've had chickenpox, measles, ADD, BPD, PTSD, literal demons attack me, shingles, been dead/near-dead twice, had my restaurant flooded with sewage, . I've been the victim of vandalism, abuse, assault and battery, rape (yeah, lame, but hey it happens, she took advantage of my drunken state ...). My dog died. No I'm not complaining, my life has been ... well, wow!

I think Chappelle wrote that joke about me ... a poor kid who grew up and went to college and bought houses and then his wife took everything and he ended up living in his father's basement but for some reason didn't kill himself. Yeah, that's me. No I don't live in my father's basement anymore, I live in Hawaii, it's frigging amazing, God has always seen me through.

Through all of it, I'm happy to say, I've learned that everything is gonna be fine, the eternal God, the Most High Ruler and Creator of All who's name is Love, cares for me, despite some appearances ;)

And with that I leave you to the music, that's where the good stuff is anyway.

With Love,